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Editorial Policy

Journal "Mechanics аnd Technologies" aims to become a popular scientific journals recognized by both domestic аnd foreign scientific community, publishes topical theoretical аnd experimental work on a wide range of issues of modern mechanics аnd technologies.

Editorial policy is implemented on the basis of the following objectives:
- Publication of new theoretical аnd experimental results of actual researches of domestic аnd foreign scientists, specialists, masters аnd doctoral students in the state аnd foreign languages;
- Involvement in journal major scholars of the Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan аnd other countries of CIS аnd far abroad;
- Distribution of the journal in the international information resources аnd in the Kazakhstan-citation base;
- Ensure compliance of the journal with the basic requirements of publishing standards GOST 7.5-98 "Journals, collections, information editions. Presentation of publications" аnd GOST 7.1-2003 "Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements аnd rules";
- Creation аnd support of open access of the journal by creating web site аnd updating of its content;
- Quality peer review of papers involving leading scientists;
- Regular coverage of the scientific activity of the authors, anniversaries of journal.

The implementation of the above mentioned policies will enhance the image of the journal аnd the formation of its own place among the modern scientific editions.


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