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Ethical requirements

Ethical requirements of the manuscripts
 provided for publication
The authors, co-authors, editorial board members аnd reviewers of scientific articles, provided for publication in the journal "Mechanics аnd technologies" should not allow following facts of publication malpractice:
1) Submission to the publication research results (theoretical, experimental, etc.), which have not been held оr made without the author participation.
2) Intentional distortion of the research results оr concealment of information that influence the accuracy of the research data;
3) The assignment оr presentation of research results оr scientific ideas of other authors without citation to their publication;
4) The inclusion of authors, persons who do not have contributed to the research аnd preparation of article;
5) Re-publication of a scientific paper under a different name without significant qualitative changes оr the use of scientific results;
6) Provision of materials that have a negative impact on the reputation аnd status of the journal, as well as members of the editorial board.
In case of find these facts (оr one of them), they should be reflected in the official review of the scientific article.
If any violation of ethical requirements by the authors аnd co-authors the scientific article deviates from the publication, with the provision of a written refusal from chief editor, with appropriately justification.



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